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Summer Strength and Agility Follow Up Survey

Patriot Parents,

For those of you that answered our first survey on our Summer Strength and Agility Camp, we want to thank you for the responses about the camp. Our goal with the original survey and this follow up survey is to increase your child’s ability to attend. We understand that summer is a time to get away from school and relax and we encourage your athletes to go on vacation but as a coaching staff, we know that if your children are to be/ want to be successful in athletics during the school year they have to continue to work out in a structured, team-oriented environment over the summer. Basically, we are asking that if they are in town and capable, to come workout with their teammates.

UIL rules state that the summer strength and agility camps can start the first Monday after school is out and run up to the start of football/ volleyball season or when school starts if your child does not participate in those sports. Workouts can be a maximum of two hours long per day and are to be conducted Monday through Thursdays only with the exception of two particular weeks in July. The workouts can consist of weights, agility, plyometrics, conditioning, or any type of speed work. Starting this summer, the UIL is allowing additional sport specific training that can be done on top of the two hours of strength and agility work. There are multiple rules that we have to follow for the sport specific skill training but the most important rules are that it cannot exceed one hour a day and no athlete is allowed more than two hours of sport-specific training per week.

As an athletic staff, we have decided that is in the best interest of our athletes and our coaches to modify the basic rules that the UIL has set down in order to keep our athletes working out but not take up too much of their summer.  First, we are going to shorten the camp down to seven weeks instead of the possible twelve that we are allowed. We will put out a flyer later with the dates the camp starts and ends. Second, instead of going all four days a week of Monday through Thursday, we are going to cut it down to three days a week, Tuesday through Thursday, with the exception of two weeks in July. Again, we will send out a flyer at a later time with those dates. Third, because the UIL is allowing for the extra skill hours, we are cutting down the time to one hour for our strength and agility camp. Our incoming 7th-graders will work out for one hour only and the focus for them will be body weight control, agility, and an introduction to the weight room and the proper techniques for the major lifts in the weight room as well as how to spot for those lifts. The incoming 7th-graders will not participate in the sport specific skill hour but will be strongly encouraged to attend our sports camps that will be held throughout the summer. The sport specific skill hours for our incoming 8th through 12th graders will be held immediately after the strength and agility camp. Since there are restrictions on the number of hours a week that an athlete can be in the sport specific hour and we are still discussing as a staff how we intend to divide the time up, we will publish that information at a later time. There is a stipulation that in order to come to the sport specific hour, you must come to the strength and agility camp that day.

We are asking that you take the following five question survey so that we can have an idea of the number of athletes that plan to attend and the time frame that is the most convenient, based on the results of the previous parent survey, to get the maximum number of athletes to participate. Please go to the website to complete this short survey.


Thank You

Coach Mouser