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Prairiland Athletic Booster Club

The Prairiland Athletic Booster Club is a group of parentsstaff and other interested parties who strive to provide a spirit of enthusiasm and encouragement to our students at Prairiland ISD. 

The goal of our Booster Club is to support, fund and sustain programs and activities. We help maintain equipment, facilities, and to encourage excellence in our athletes. We believe the key to individual student success is a strong parental involvement, high ethical standards, and practices. These are in words and action by our outstanding coaching staff.

The Booster Club provides opportunities to build strong relationship between coaches, parents and our local communities through sports and academics.

Furthermore, it is the intent of this Booster Club to help provide scholarships to our deserving student athletes. In order to do this, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!

We encourage everyone to show your SCHOOL SPRIT by becoming part of the Prairiland Athletic Booster Club.  The cost is $10.00 per person or $15.00 for family 

You can do this by contacting: 

President  Stacy Walker 

Vice President  Lezlie Gordon 

Secretary Melissa Bridges 

Treasurer Crystal Folse